DIY: Spoon Candle Holder

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These days, decorating one’s house is all about whose interior is better, whose interior looks classy, and whose decors look unique. People these days give more importance to the interior than to the outlay of their own house. So, of course, marketers out there would take advantage of this trend and increase the prices of the pretty decorative items. So, to make your house interior simple, yet classy, and well within your budget, why not make your decors yourself?

One of the most famous, classy yet common décor items these days are candles. Available in different colours, shapes and fragrances, these candles have become a necessity as a décor in every house. Yet, it isn’t easy to get the really pretty ones when you have a tight budget unless you’re having a really lucky one. But, when you can make one yourself, why even buy one? Why not just make one?

Plastic spoons
Drinking Glass (made of glass)
Hot glue gun
Golden spray paint

1. Cut the spoon's hand.
2. Start sticking the spoons' head on glass one after one, starting from the top.
3. Spray golden spray paint on the spoons and inside the glass too.
4. Let it dry completely.
5. Light up a candle and keep it inside the spoon candle holder.

1. You can spray any other colour if you wish to.
2. You can also use multiple colours to spray paint and make it a multi-coloured candle holder.
3. You can also draw patterns on it or stick some stones or embellishments on it if you wish to.

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